No.03 Pure Treatment for All Hair Type

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Volume: 250/785 mL

Place of Origin: Denmark

  • Gives strength and vitality to all kind of hair - natural as well as chemically treated hair. Coating each strand of hair with a protective, invisible film to maintain the intensity of coloured hair. The hair is softened and becomes silky, but still light and fluffy. Suitable for delicate hair and sensitive scalp.
  • Ecolabelled hair treatment with organic cold-pressed avocado oil and organic aloe vera.
  • Without fragrance or essential oils and suitable for the whole family, pregnant women, children and people with perfume allergy.
  • Strengthens hair and scalp. Hair becomes healthy, vibrant, shiny and easy to style.
  • Professional haircare, taking care of environment and health.
  • Use:

    Apply in freshly washed hair - either towel dry or completely dry. Distribute a small amount throughout the hair and wrap a bag and/or towel around the hair. Wait for 10-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly with water. For very damaged hair, repeat the treatment once a week. Can be combined with treatment oils to create a scent or to make it richer. If necessary, wash your hair after the treatment.


    as a target and means

    The choice between healthy hair and a healthy environment is a choice you do not need to take when working with Zenz Organic. Zenz Organic works for a sustainable beauty industry with respect for customers, employees and our environment. With Zenz Organic’s Danish-produced products, you avoid SLS, MI, parabens, PPD, PTD, resorcinol, perfume, ammonia, linalool and microbeads. Instead, the products are based on high quality natural and certified organic ingredients, such as organic cold-pressed avocado oil and organic purified aloe vera. Zenz Organic product portfolio contains both products with and without scent.

    All our products are made of the nest and cleanest natural ingredients. They are produced under strict requirements and a large part are vegan in their content without any toxic impurities. None of our products have been tested on animals and all product packaging are made of biodegradable PE.


    Nordic Ecolabel

      • Strict environmental requirements - in all relevant phases of the product life cycle
      • Stringent requirements for chemicals - to benefit the environment and your health
      • Tightening of requirements - to create sustainable development
      • Certification and control - so you can feel safe


      The Swan label is Denmark’s official ecolabel. It was established by the Nordic Council of Ministers in 1989 and is used in all Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Ecolabelling affects both consumption and production in a more eco-friendly way and the goal is to reduce the overall environmental impact so we get cleaner environment and greater health - for the benefit of people, the environment and the earth’s resources.

      Cosmetic products are in direct contact with the skin and hair and therefore the content of substances which can cause allergies or other harmful effects, is either prohibited or restricted to a minimum. Thus, there must - except from a very limited content of perfume - not be added allergens in Swan labelled cosmetic products. Products for babies and children must, however, be completely free of perfumes. Substances found on the EU’s list of possible endocrine disruptors, including parabens, must not be included. In addition to requirements for environment and health are also requirements which reduce the consumption of packaging and ensure product quality.


      Allergy Certified

      AllergyCertified is an international allergy label that strives to offer skin friendly products to consumers. You will never find perfume or allergenic preservatives such as SLS, MI, parabens, PPD, PTD, resorcinol, perfume, ammonia and linalool in AllergyCertified products.



      Green Hair Salon

      Green Salon is an organisation that certifies hair salons who make a systematic effort to improve the hairdressers’ environment and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.


      Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Persea Gratissima Oil* (3%), Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract* (2,2%), Glycerin* (2,1%), Behenoyl PG-Trimonium Chloride, Hexylene Glycol, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid.

      * Organic origin. Certified organic according to EC 834/2007. 99,1% of the total ingredients are of natural origin. Nordic Eco-label.

      Natural origin. Water. Solvent.

      Cetearyl Alcohol
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Vegetable texturiser derived from palm or coconut oil.

      Persea Gratissima Oil* (3%)
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Derived from organic avocado. Contains vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E. Good for dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Excellent moisturising and nourishing properties and effective on problem skin. Suitable for scalp. Makes hair and skin soft and more elastic.

      Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine
      Synthetic and natural origin (plant-derived). Emollient ingredient which makes the hair easy to comb, adds shine and makes a damaged and dull hair look healthy and shiny. 
      Colour sealing properties.

      Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract* (2,2%)
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Derived from the leaves of organic aloe plants. Excellent skin and hair nourishing properties. Helps rebuild skin and hair, increases blood flow, retains skin moisture and regulates the acid balance. Aloe Vera gel contains 75 well-known and important vitamins and minerals for the body. Most important vitamins: antioxidants, vitamin A (Beta-carotene), B12, C and E. Minerals: magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chrome, calcium, sodium, potassium and iron. Aloe vera has a cooling effect. Soothes both redness and itching. Relieves pain. Therefore, it has good effect on scalp.

      Glycerin* (2,1%)
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Vegetable ingredient derived from organic fats and oils. Moisturises, softens and preserves the skin and hair’s natural moisture balance. Improves skin and hair elasticity. Provides shiny and healthy hair.

      Behenoyl PGTrimonium Chloride
      Synthetic and natural origin (plant-derived). Emollient ingredient which makes the hair easy to comb, adds shine and makes a damaged and dull hair look healthy and shiny.

      Synthetic origin. (B5) nourishes and protects hair. Good for dull and damaged hair. Restores volume and shine.

      Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Wheat protein hydrolyzed. Provides moisture and balance to hair. Rebuilds damaged hair.

      Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Wheat starch hydrolyzed. Provides moisture and balance to hair. Rebuilds damaged hair.

      Hexylene Glycol
      Synthetic origin. Emollient ingredient which makes the hair easy to comb, adds shine and makes a damaged and dull hair look healthy and shiny.

      Citric Acid,
      Natural origin (plant-derived). Helps to adjust the pH balance. Produced by a fungus and occurs naturally in citrus fruits.

      Synthetic origin. Mild preservative approved by Nordic
      Ecolabel and AllergyCertified.

      Benzoic Acid
      Synthetic origin. Can be found in some plants. Mild preservative approved by Nordic Ecolabel and AllergyCertified.

      Dehydroacetic Acid
      Synthetic origin. Mild preservative approved by Nordic
      Ecolabel and AllergyCertified.

      Potassium Sorbate
      Synthetic origin. Occurs naturally in rowan berry seeds (mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia). Mild preservative 
      approved by Nordic Ecolabel and AllergyCertified.

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